Members of UK parliamentary delegation eyewitness Armenian atrocities committed in Aghdam

Head of the UK-Azerbaijan inter-parliamentary friendship group Bob Blackman and his accompanying delegation have today familiarized themselves with Armenian vandalism committed in the Azerbaijan’s Aghdam district. The visitors were joined by Azerbaijani ambassador to UK Elin Suleymanov and Azerbaijani MP Soltan Mammadov.

Senior Adviser of the Special Representative Office of Azerbaijani President in the liberated territories of the Karabakh Economic Region (except Shusha district) Araz Imanov briefed the UK delegation about Armenian vandalism committed in Aghdam, including Azerbaijan’s historic and religious monuments.

The visitors then viewed Aghdam Juma Mosque. Constructed in 1868, the Mosque was looted by Armenians during the occupation. Unlike other Azerbaijani religious monuments, the mosque was not distracted by Armenians, with the enemy using the minarets of the mosque as observation posts. However, Armenians desecrated the mosque by using it as stable for cattle.

The visitors also viewed the ruins of Aghdam Drama Theater.

They also familiarized themselves with Armenian barbarism committed in the Aghdam’s Alley of Martyrs. It was noted that a number of Azerbaijanis murdered during the Khojaly massacre were buried here. However, as Aghdam was seized by Armenians, the graveyard was desecrated and looted, with bodies excavated and golden teeth implanted in corpses plundered.

The visitors were also informed in detail about the restoration works carried out as per the Agdam city master plan. It was further emphasized that under the initiative of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and Azerbaijani government, the city of Aghdam, known as the “Hiroshima of the Caucasus”, will be turned into one of the most beautiful cities in the region and the safe return of Azerbaijanis will be ensured following the 30 years of longing.

The UK delegation also met employees of Azerbaijan’s Mine Action Agency (ANAMA), as they had a chance to view the neutralization of the landmines planted by the enemy.

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