Consular registration

It is advisable for Azerbaijani citizens who are either resident in or visiting the UK, Ireland, Iceland or Denmark to register their presence with the Consular Section of the Embassy of Azerbaijan in London.
The registration will allow the Embassy to keep in touch with our compatriots when they are overseas and provide consular assistance in the event of an emergency, to assist Azerbaijani citizens in case if their Azerbaijani identification documents had been lost or stolen, to identify their citizenship for them to be able to return to Azerbaijan. Moreover the registration will also allow us to keep in touch with our citizens on a regular basis via emails, to inform them about any events to be organised for the Azerbaijani community, keep them informed of the news from Azerbaijan.

Please note that the registration with the Consular Section of the Embassy of Azerbaijan in London will in no way burden or obligate you to do any action or activity, nor compel us to take any actions in respect to you, unless it has been agreed with you or is required by the law.

How to get registered

- Registration Form 118a

- Passport (original) 

- Proof of address

- One passport sized photograph

You can register either by post or visiting us in person.

Registration by post

The Embassy accepts applications by post, provided that the applicant is unable to submit documents in person.

However, the Embassy advises that postal applicants should use special mail services in sending their documents to the Consular Section. Applicants should also enclose a prepaid self-addressed special/recorded delivery envelope for their passports to be returned. When the documents are returned by the Embassy through special/recorded delivery the appropriate Post Office receipts are held by the Consular Section for the period of one month.

The Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan does not take any responsibility for lost or stolen passports. However, should any documents be reported lost, the Embassy shall provide assistance in tracing them by furnishing relevant details and Post Office receipts to the owners of the documents in question.


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