Visa information

This section contains information about visa issue. It describes the requirements and explains how and where you can apply for the visa in the UK.


!!! Important Information on changing visa regulations !!!

This questionnaire is for anyone who does not have Azerbaijani passport and wants to visit he country. If you want to travel to Azerbaijan, you may be able to apply for the visa through our visa centre in London ( Please use our Mutual Visa Free regime list to check if you need a visa to visit Azerbaijan.


The demand for Azerbaijani visas has grown rapidly in recent years. To provide a better service for visa applicants, the Azerbaijani Embassy in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland drawing on the practice of some other countries, decided to introduce an Azerbaijani Visa Service Centre

Azerbaijan Visa Centre is responsible for receiving visa applications for visit to the Republic of Azerbaijan from ordinary passport holders who are UK, Ireland, Iceland, Denmark citizens and citizens of other countries possessing UK, Ireland, Iceland, Denmark permanent residence, long term student or work permits, collecting visa fees on behalf of the Azerbaijani Embassy and returning processed visa applications.

The address of Azerbaijan Visa Centre is: 19 New College Parade, Finchley Road, London, NW3 5EP


Holders of diplomatic and service passports intending to visit Azerbaijan on official business apply directly at the Embassy (on the basis of Note Verbale).

Visa application form for diplomatic and service passports can be downloaded here.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan has implemented an online service to fill out the visa application form

Currently, 32 main travel companies operating in the country are authorized to apply for e-visas to foreign tourists. To find the list of these travel companies click here

Changes in the procedures of getting entry visas by foreign citizens and stateless persons upon arrival in the republic of Azerbaijan more